Dalits protest Supreme Court ruling that dilutes the legislation meant to protect them



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  • Dalits protest Supreme Court ruling that dilutes legislation meant to protect them
  • Dalit women in India march for justice and access to health and education
  • Halt the Hate – Amnesty campaigns to document hate crimes in India
  • Report: Dalit men, women and children enslaved in India’s brick making industry
  • UN review of Bangladesh highlights the need to ensure non-discrimination of Dalits
  • IDSN input to the 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council
  • India’s Forbidden Love: An Honour Killing on Trial
  • Rare slavery verdicts spark hope for ending caste-based slavery in Mauritania
  • IDSN Annual Report


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A ruling by the Supreme Court of India, diluting the provisions related to anticipatory bail and immediate arrest under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (PoA) Act, has sparked mass protest.

The protesters have been met with police brutality leading to injuries and the death of several protesters. IDSN is greatly concerned over the rulings weakening of the SC/ST Act, which are meant to protect victims of caste atrocities, and strongly condemns any use of force against peaceful protesters.