Religious Intolerance Campaigns



Religious leaders and civil society activists who joined the first National Consultation on `Building Inter- Religious Foundation for Transitional Justice in Sri Lanka’ called for broader consultation with the communities to promote reconciliation, peace and accountability. The consultation was facilitated by IMADR – AC in collaboration with SAMADANA/M, a Kandy based voluntary organization represented by a multi religious membership across Sri Lanka. Religious leaders and Civil Society activists representing several districts in the Northern, Eastern, Uva,Central and Western Provinces attended the workshop held in Kandy on 17th – 18th January. Further, they resolved to facilitate similar discussions through community dialogue forums to develop effective community action and communication strategies to combat the emerging racist and extremist political trends against peaceful co-existence.



IMADR collaborates promoting religious tolerance with SAMADANAM, Kandy. Activists representing community dialogue forums participated in a national unity assembly held on 29th December 2015.

Inter religious in sri lanka


Dr. Nimalka Fernando In Colombo today with a group of activists to discuss about inter religious intolerance in Sri Lanka….

Religions have been an integral part of human evolution. Though religions are said to have come from divine sources, many of the philosophers from the entire known history have contradicted in the understanding of Man, God and the Universe. The very emergence of the universe, its control and its sustenance themselves are matters of controversy between religions, let alone other factors such as rituals and worship in religions. In the earliest civilizations, man had always fought for survival; to fulfill his needs; to outrun the race for food and shelter. Later when human mind developed to form ideas, the difference in ideas led to more fighting and killing, where the prime motive was to answer and establish the „who is right?‟ question by shutting out the other once and forever. The evolution and formation of religions too had the same fate. One had to establish the worth of his religious ideology (or rather, the theological ideology erupted in his mind in the early part of religious evolution) by the slaughter of the one who has a different ideology.